What do Poles Take Loans and Loans for?

The financial situation of many Poles, unfortunately, still leaves much to be desired. Therefore, you can observe an increase in interest in various financial products that allow you to receive a quick financial injection. Poles are increasingly willing to borrow for cash loans, but they are also interested in products offered by non-banking institutions. But are they still sensible when making different decisions?

Credit? But for what!

Credit? But for what!

In Poland, borrowers can be briefly distinguished into at least two groups: those who want to take out a loan, and those who have to. Borrowers taking out loans for their pleasure, usually borrow for holidays, shopping, home appliances or household appliances, or Christmas. However, people who need to take a loan do not have enough funds to pay for a larger payment.

It turns out that about 33% of Poles decide to reach for an additional injection of cash primarily in connection with current needs. Paying a bill, renovating a home or repairing a car, let alone buying a medicine.

On the other hand, about 36% of Poles decide to indebt themselves for the purchase of household appliances or RTV. Often, a loan is also taken to purchase items to furnish your home or flat. We also decide on cash loans before holidays, holidays, or simply having the specter of an upcoming school layette. But we also support cash injection in situations where, for example, money is needed to organize a communion or baptism.

Credit for previous debt

Credit for previous debt

The most dangerous reason for indebtedness is the decision to repay the previously budgeted deficits with borrowed money. However, this happens 4% to Poles. By using quick loans, we hope that we will quickly deal with previous financial arrears. Unfortunately, if we do not have enough income, we extinguish the fire only for a moment, and then the loop on our neck tightens faster and faster.

Some people are completely indolent. They reach for another loan as soon as they notice that it is harder and harder to repay the previous installments. It is also not a good solution when we are not able to assess our financial situation well in terms of obtaining regular income, and yet we decide on a loan repaid over a very long period of time.

Poles should easily calculate in order not to get themselves involved in financial problems, but in the period from 2007 to 2008, Poles have taken out loans worth as much as 18 billion zlotys.

At the same time, the statistics showed that as many as 150,000 Poles had at their same time repayments of around 10 different loans and credits. In that case, there was no way that the average Polish citizen could somehow get out of his debts.

loans on 1 glance

Despite the loans taken and awareness of how much one loan installment will be, at the same time you need to prepare yourself for the fact that not every Pole is able to pay off the loan. over 66% of Poles are unable to pay back the loan, which does not exceed PLN 5,000.

Most often it happens in the end that the loan is influenced by emotions, it is not completely thought out. Even if we are under the greatest pressure, the spectrum of cut off power or unrefined prescription, we should carefully analyze the offer. Often the advertised interest rate does not apply in any way to how much the loan will actually cost us.

Of course, the specter of the prompt loan should not in any way be connected to the necessary evil. After all, if we approach the loan very sensibly, with the certainty that we are paying it back in full, we can use this financial product as a great support for our budget. At the same time, the statistics indicate that if we use one loan and we do not have any problems with its repayment, then we will be more willing to use the next one.

Every fourth person who does not yet have a single loan to pay off, declares that he will never be indebted in any way. However, only every twentieth person from the group of clients who have already repaid a loan, thinks that he would not take it again.

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