Loan Companies Will Provide Quick Loans Without Retrodatabase

Credit Information Bureau is an institution that was established as a result of consumer protection against debts, and thus banks against unreliable customers who, due to their arrears, are unable to pay off another loan. With Retrodabatabase, close cooperation is established not only for every bank, but also for Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions. More exposition at

Before the listed establishments verify the customer, check their creditworthiness, and adjust their individual offer to their preferences, it may take some time. And every day counts for the customer. Especially one who is very keen on quick decisions and thus on quick cash. I guess, therefore, there is nothing to hide that such a dream product is available in loan companies. No verification at the Credit Information Office. Without unnecessary waste of time, money is awarded almost on the spot.

Everything by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

If clients who have certain distortions in their credit history and know perfectly well that they have no chance of getting a loan from the bank, they may in some cases owe this situation to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. It was this institution that contributed to the introduction of Article 105 (4) of the Banking Act of 19 August 1997.
Under this provision, all banks must verify each client who submits a loan application. Thanks to that, they can be sure whether the customer is solvent or not. Of course, if his data is available at the Credit Information Bureau. Because he can apply for financial support for the first time.

The exception here are loan companies that do not have to comply with this obligation. And for sure, they do not have such strict rules imposed on the verification of the customer and the determination of a positive or negative answer. One of the companies that decided to cooperate with Retrodabatabase is Zongga Bank. The remaining ones most often use the support of the National Register of Debtors, or the Credit Information Bureau.

Fast loans without Retrodabatabase

We already know that loan companies are not interested in cooperation with the Credit Information Bureau, although they still have a bright green light all the time. But that does not mean that they lend their money to anyone. On the contrary, they also need to assess the degree of investment risk. Therefore, we can expect that our data will be checked in KRD or BIG.
Some people, despite having debts that are not fully paid out regularly, still have a chance to get a loan. It all depends on the client’s individual decision.

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