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Customer verification and no bank account

The indicated parameters of the offer are for information purposes, they are based on calculations based on information publicly available on the website.

The purpose of collecting data is to prepare for the conclusion of a loan agreement

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In particular to process applications for non-bank loans, including contacting by phone and e-mail. Providing data is voluntary. If you would like to unsubscribe from future emails or receive calls.

When looking for a loan, you will come across many small problems. They are of course to be solved if you know what you want and what you care about and in addition you know a little bit about banking products. However, if you are not the best in these blocks – contact an expert. Such a person knows his stuff very well. It will relieve you. You will save time, nerves and money. And you will get the best loan on the best terms.

Financial advisors – why should you use our help?

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Above we have presented only a sample of our capabilities. We know banking products like no one else. We will check and compare all available loan offers on the market. We will move Heaven and Earth to find the one that suits you. We will advise, dispel doubts and answer all arising questions.

Best credit terms? Negotiating them is not a problem for us. We know all the banking tips and read small print perfectly. With us you will get a loan that you will be satisfied with, not only when signing the contract, but also when paying the installments. We know what we can use to your advantage in a clash with the bank. We will also tell you what you should change and improve to be a reliable customer. We will calculate your credit standing, so you will not have any doubts whether you can afford the loan.

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